If you have $1.5 million lying around..

20 06 2008

Let me know if you would like more information on this home.




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20 06 2008
Wally Livingston

It’s lying around, and that thing looks like it belongs in the Shire. Iccchhh!

23 06 2008
Kristin Bryan

Touché Wally, it is, in fact, lying around. I knew as I typed “laying around” that it didn’t sound right, but I didn’t take the time to correct my error. Apparently neither of the universities that I attended managed to equip me with the proper usage of “lying” vs. “laying”.
As for your last statement – “Iccchhh” is in the eye of the beholder, but thank you for your input and bringing up an excellent point in real estate – even if you put in all of the best finishes and spend more money than the person next door, ultimately a house is only sold if someone likes it better than the others that are available to them.
I would also like to add (while we’re discussing grammar) that “iccchhh” is not actually a word.

23 07 2008

I went through this house. As I did the other one last year a block away that has still not sold.
Not really to my tastes either. I kept hearing “its a small world” going through my mind when I walked through. Someone might actually like this, but I don’t know anyone who would. Another person viewing this made the comment “i might rent this for a weekend theme vacation”.

At 6’2″ I could not use the upstairs shower as the ceiling is too low.
The master shower was like stepping into a submarine rocket silo.
I had to duck and watch my head in all the rooms over the garage. (by the way the floors are cracked in the garage, not something you would expect in this price point)
The door going to the wine cellar was too low..
The fireplace is too oversized in both homes.
Not sure i have ever seen a 1.5M home that had roll back roof done with composition roofing.

I get the concept of what this builder is doing as I saw another builder attempt this in another area and failed.. They are just about 30% over sized on everything. The builder should try shrinking a few of the items down about 30%, that would put them at about 25% bigger than a standard home and still remain in that price point.

There is probably a buyer out there for these homes but they would require someone with some extravagant tastes.
A little twist of the use in space and reduction in the Disney effect this house might sell rather quickly.

23 07 2008
Kristin Bryan

I love your feedback, I’m not the listing agent on the property, so I can’t really pass it on to the sellers, but I do love getting a feel for what people do and don’t like.
I think the reason that this house caught my attention is that it IS different. There are a lot of houses where a million dollars just buys you a nice house. Personally, if I was going to spend that much money on a house I would want it to be one that is extravagant. Having said that, I wouldn’t want something that is so “unique” that it would be hard to resell it.
I have heard from quite a few people that the concepts in the house were good, and the finishes were very nice, but that it was over the top. Having not seen the house in person, I can’t agree or disagree with that statement.

Did you by any chance make it over to the Reserve at Broken Top? That is a listing where I could really put your feedback to good use.
So I’d appreciate your comments.

Kristin Bryan

23 07 2008

Glad your not the selling agent..
I think when you get in the Million dollar ranges the builders need to have quality and not just bling and should be ready to take on harsh feedback or they might make the same mistakes and we will have a market full of short sale homes that won’t move. Lets hope not for the builders sake.

We had to skip the Broken top houses last weekend as I am selling my house and had to get my puppies out of the house to show it.

We will be going to the Broken Top this coming weekend. I will add feedback to those.

I have lots of feedback on the other homes from the Tour of Homes. So if I see anything else we looked at I will be happy to comment.

23 07 2008
Kristin Bryan

I absolutely agree, feedback from potential buyers is what keeps builders (and sellers in general) connected with what people are REALLY willing to pay for.
Sellers are usually more guilty of not taking feedback to heart then builders, because sellers are emotionally attached to their homes (because they have been THEIR homes)
I would love your feedback on the Reserve tour house (however, it’s not actually in the gated community of Broken Top – Broken Top no longer allows homes to be on the Tour of Homes)
I will be up there all weekend (Friday 12-6 and Saturday & Sunday 10-6) I would love for you to introduce yourself.
Where is the house that you are trying to sell? and what kind of dogs do you have?
We have two Golden Retrievers (13 months and 11 months)

I would love feedback that you have on any of the homes that you saw. It’s good to be realistic about the properties that your listings are up against

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