What do you think of the Tour of Homes houses?

24 07 2008

There has been a little discussion occurring on my “If you have 1.5 Million Lying around” post.

But it has me curious as to what you all think of the houses that you have seen on the Tour of Homes this year.

As I mentioned in a couple earlier posts: I am hosting the open house at the Reserve at Broken Top but I am not the listing agent.  I have 2 lot listings in The Reserve, and will be holding open houses up there (pretty much until the end of time), but I won’t be offended by your feedback (I have some of my own in fact)

Buyer feedback is an essential aspect to selling real estate.  It keeps the seller in touch with what people (that aren’t emotionally attached to the house) actually think about the house and how it is priced.

Obviously there is a lot of media hype about the state of the real estate market, but the bottom line always comes down to the fact that houses are worth what people are willing to pay.  Asking way too much for your house to begin with, and then having to sell it for 30% less than the listing price (because that’s what someone was willing to pay) doesn’t mean that the real estate market is “bad”, it just means your house isn’t worth what you want it to be worth.

Now don’t take this to mean that I think the real estate market is booming (I think my bank account speaks to the contrary) I am simply trying to get a feel for what people like/dislike about the houses on tour this year and your opinion on their pricing.

Are you impressed?

Are you disappointed?

Do you think the homes you’re viewing are a value?

Would you want to live in those houses?

Are there any neighborhoods that stand out in your mind?





3 responses

24 07 2008
Alex Johnson

I was really disappointed with the Tetherow house. The bedrooms were all SO small for the price point.
I personally like modern homes, but I didn’t like that one.
Does anyone else agree with me? Or am I on my own here?

24 07 2008
Kristin Bryan

You aren’t on your own. I was asking people as they came through the Reserve what they thought of the other houses. I would say 75% of the people that had seen the Tetherow house said the same thing.
The other 25% really love modern houses, and were intrigued enough by the amenities that they were ok with the smaller bedrooms.

Did you see any other houses?

24 07 2008
Tammy Settleman

I went to the Tetherow house as well. I really liked it, but I really like modern houses.
I do have to agree about the bedrooms though, I don’t mind the extra bedrooms being small, but that Master Bedroom was waaaay too small for that price range.

I also went out and saw the Norman and Schumaker houses with river views. I personally think you’re mostly paying for the views out there, not necessarily the houses. But the views were INCREDIBLE.

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